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Locker Alliance Pilot

Against the backdrop of a fast-growing e-commerce sector in Singapore’s highly urbanised environment, IMDA led an inter-agency Locker Alliance pilot, to assess the demand for an open-access, shared parcel delivery infrastructure for e-commerce and LSPs. The pilot was launched in two HDB Towns - Bukit Panjang and Punggol and eight MRT stations in December 2018.

The pilot showed encouraging results:


92 %

Sees benefits of using lockers

77 %

Satisfied with using lockers

93 %

Willing to walk up to 5mins(400m) to collect parcels


95 %

Of parcels collected within 1.5 days

45 %

Reduction in delivery distance

77% of surveyed users in the two towns were satisfied with the service. LSPs saw a four-fold increase in delivery efficiency. A driver was able to deliver up to 250 parcels in a day to the parcel lockers, four times more deliveries compared to doorstep deliveries.

The pilot also showed that residents welcome self-collection from lockers as alternatives to home deliveries, because scheduling deliveries can be difficult. Businesses and logistics operators also welcome alternatives, because missed deliveries are inefficient.

Building on the pilot’s achievements, Pick is tasked to scale up the network of parcel lockers, deploy and operate 1000 parcel lockers nationwide by end 2021 to better serve the needs of all Singapore residents.


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